Azure Power 5148 SFP

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AZURE POWER 5148 SFP (SFP. Stands for Strong Fast Prop.)is available now.

1. Specially designed for racing.

2.An all-new airfoil design, with a large critical angle of attack, giving you the thrust you need at all RPMs.

3. The new 5148 SFPs are not only optimized for flight. They take into considerations those moments you need a durable prop. Azure Power has engineered the SFP to be able to disperse impact forces across the blade, helping it keep its shape to let you finish those laps.


4. In addition, the acceleration curve of the prop has been tweaked to get the most linear thrust output across different speeds. This helps achieve the locked in feel for those precision maneuvers.


5. Available Colors: Fluorescent Orange / Peacock Blue /Red /Iron Grey


With this brand new design, the 5148 SFP will give you the best experience in smoothness, acceleration and amazing durability like all the propellers in the Azure Power lineup.
Please contact your local shops for purchasing.