Aktiv kulfilter til lodning

549,00 kr.
Varen kan desværre ikke købes, da der ikke er flere på lager

Aktivt kulfiter der fjerne Mange af de uønskede og giftige stoffer når du lodder!




● Strong durability

● Under welding, rosin flux and other lead solders can produce toxic components.

● People inhaling these gases can cause headaches, nausea, eye diseases and other harmful and healthy diseases.

● The activated carbon filter of smoke filter can absorb toxic flux and lead.

● Active charcoal filter is changeable.

● Oil pillow for electric engine, less noise, revolving stably.




Voltage: AC 220V

Shell material: Iron

Filter material: Actived Carbon Filter

Power Consumption: 16W

Color: Black

Absorption Capacity(w/o filter): Approx. 0.93m3/min

Outer Dimensions: 28x 22x 16cm

Cable length: 1.2m

Carbon Filter Size: 13x13cm


Package includes: 


1 x Soldering Smoke Absorber

5 x Actived Carbon Filter