Airbot Omnibus F4 V6 (5v & 8V filteret)

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  • New firmware target: OMNIBUSF4FW (in BetaFlight) / FIREWORKS V2 (in iNav) – for Betaflight, after flashing, go to CLI and type (without quotations): “set gyro_to_use = second” , and save to get the IMU working.  The IMU roll offset needs to be set to 180 degrees.

OMNIBUS F4's upgrade version, using F405 and new target, with 5x UARTs now.

classic OMNIBUS design, using F4 MCU controls OSD over SPI bus, compare the first version, we added BMP280 as barometer and SD Card supports.

OSD Configuration has been incl. in Betaflight GUI.

FC incl. 5V1A BEC on board(3-6s) and 1x 8V BEC for Camera

MPU6000 at SPI bus, Ext, SPI for damped gyro


Use fireworks v2 firmware, in CLI, set gyro_to_use = SECOND

 New version with 8PIN Sh1.0 Socket, could be much easier connect to our 4in1 ESC by one cable.

On v5, we added jumpers for Current source select, please read the manual and set the jumper before using the FC.


  • STM32 F405 MCU, Runs Betaflight 3.0 firmware

  • SBUS/PPM input (Pinheaders)

  • 6PWM output (1-4Pinheaders and Sh1.0 Plug, 5-6 as Pinheaders)

  • Only 36x36mm, mount holes 30.5x30.5mm


  • SPI Sensor MPU6000

  • Flash

Package incl.:

  • 1x FC